About our policy

Service quality.

The quality of our work is an important aspect, to which we pay a lot of attention. We take into consideration our clients’ demands. We pay special attention to our clients’ personal and business problems. We quickly take an action and keep a close connection “client-attorney”, providing constant contact with you by phone and in person during the whole workday, we also give the client up-to-date information about his case, sending him detailed reports about the work already done, copies of documents, that we use in his interests.

Planning of our work.

We use our knowledge and experience to plan personal and business activity of our clients on the questions they give us in order to avoid any extra expenses and waste of time. We admit, that in order for our clients to have all the inofrmation about their cases, they have to have a possibility to get in touch with our attorneys and specialists to take part in decision-making process. We help our clients to estimate their expenses and potential benefits from making such decisions.

Efficient representation.

We are persistent and aggressive while representing our clients, because their interests are our main concern.

Confidentiality guarantee.

We take all possible measures to guarantee the confidentiality of information we receive from our clients. All documents, which are under legal professional privilege, have a stamp of confidentiality, which excludes the possibility for the documents to be taken by any state,   law-enforcement organs or any other third persons without our client’s permission.

Non-admission of conflilct of interests.

We exclude situations, when representation and protection of your interests could be put under doubts, if a conflict between our clients and other clients or other attorneys occurs. Observance of the principles of lawyer’s ethics is our professional and legal responsibility.

Control over the cost of our services.

The results of our work always have the best quality, which can be compared with the quality of work of the bigger companies, and the cost of our services is usually considerably lower. Our lawyers and and specialists admit the neccessity of keeping our prices low. We never give our clients unreasonable invoices, and discuss with our clients different ways of paying for our services. We offer our clients estimates, and also give them monthly reports, giving them a possibility to know the condition of their cases.


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About our policy