About our Attorney Office

Advocatory bureau “Yurisсon” is a firm of attorneys with the full range of legal services. Our attorneys and specialists provide representation and give legal help in the following areas of law: administrative, corporate, employment, finance, investment, revenue, commercial, civil, business, international private, law of torts and also bankrupt law.

Our attorneys represent our clients in all state and arbitral courts, including the courts of general jurisdiction, arbitral courts of the first, appeal and reviewing instances, RF Constitutional Court, and also international arbitral courts in Russia and abroad, in the state and local executive organs.

We offer our clients well-prepared services, typical for big firms of attorneys, considering individual demands of our clients, practical direction of our legal help and the control over the cost of our services.

Our attorneys follow all the changes in the present Russian legislation and the slightest changes in the judicial and arbitral practice. We are constantly working as teachers and lecturers in universities, and also as trainers for other lawyers in different organizations and companies in Krasnodar and in Krasnodar region.

Our results in the theoretical sphere you can see in the publications by our attorneys in the scientific periodicals in the different areas of the law we practice.

Our attorneys and specialists can be found in our modern office in the centre of Krasnodar on Severnaja st, 324, 8th floor.


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About our Attorney Office